Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram: Katrina Kaif, Overwhelming Beauty To A Worthy Click

Ankita Chetana |Oct 11, 2019

With a collection of mash-up beauty, Katrina Kaif has hit a high ranking in Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram. The beauty runs time and again!

When many Bollywood stars have been trying so many ways to advertise themselves, Katrina Kaif still can reach the 9th position in Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram with her flaunting beauty. Nothing much to introduce about her Instagram timeline, but it is certain that when you enter it, you won't find a way to escape from her gorgeous photos.

Katrina Kaif Instagram

The naturally sexy beauty has been a title attached to Katrina, which happens for her enormous starlight. Whether she goes bare face or appears in a dazzling outfit with high-sense makeup, the actress rules the Internet at all.

A blue is covering your day? Don't worry, you will find your soul stuck in the powerfully attractive pics from the timeless icon of beauty. Come to find a glam peace in mind with her most-liked photos to know why she deserves to be one of Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram.

A pure smile to open your day

The first day of September was likely to shoot a star into Katrina that she appeared so brightly as the energetic sunshine for a new month.

With a signature smile on the theme of a sunflower, she fulfilled the happiness and optimism over a normal picture. Her beauty stated all, in a pure and effective way. She captioned the pic: "Looking at the brighter side" as a reminder to all of us that we need to be optimistic.

Breathtaking pic from Reebok India

Stay stunning in a black crop-top matching the same color gymnastic pants, Katrina looks hot even in a sportive image. Reebok would never regret it when having the actress as a brand ambassador due to her all-round appearance.

Katrina Kaif

The advertising photo on September 4th quickly collected over 1.3 million likes and winged comments about how breathtaking she is.

Natural bare face

As we have just mentioned, Katrina’s face without makeup drives crazy among her fans’ hearts as her bare face even looks more fluttering. Who can ignore this adorable picture?

No need a caption, the photo has said its own statement about the actress’s gorgeous beauty whenever she is. Her hair seems to be messed up, making us feel like this photo is captured naturally in the morning when she wakes up. How fascinated it is!

Dreamgirl captures all the eyes

Katrina doesn’t need a bikini of clothes-off to look hot, the star herself burns enough heat. In a picture on Instagram snapping nearly 1.5 million likes, she appeared so relaxing for the weekend vibes.

Katrina Kaif

Donning a light yellow bra pairing up with short jeans, she peacefully lied on a colourful carpet for a photo shoot. Nothing much to say, she’s just drawing all the attention towards her thanks to her stunning look.

Red-burning covers IIFA 2019

Katrina Kaif at IIFA 2019

At the event of IIFA 2019, together with a lot of dazzling celebrities, Katrina made her own statement of fashion when appearing in a sizzling red dress. The focal point is her back-off photo looking hotter than ever, which collected more than 1.5 million likes on her own Instagram.

Katrina Kaif at IIFA 2019
Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram: Katrina Kaif

For another look also at IIFA 2019 earning nearly 1.6 million likes, she carved her heavenly body that everyone would stick their eyes on it. With her hair high-tied and the ancient earrings, she opted for an incredible twinkling ensemble that people can just shout out “Perfect”.

Katrina Kaif performs at IIFA 2019

Later, she performed that ravishing outfit in a traditional dance on the stage of IIFA and the fabulous image from her performance wowed all of her fans.

She captioned the pic:


A butterfly around our minds

Katrina Kaif instagram

Her beautiful look stays in people’s minds like the butterfly icon she put on the caption. A picture that is not so careful in details but totally dives deeply in our hearts made our days. Slaying a natural appearance, her beauty is proved to be true!

Power of beauty is crowned

Katrina Kaif at GQ Award

Over the years, Katrina Kaif has crushed into everyone’s minds with her marvelous appearance. But it went crazier when she drafted a sexy look with attractive black bra covered with a shining aventurine carved coat at GQ Awards.

Whether a normal look in life or a legendary appearance for a photoshoot, Katrina always runs her hotness on social media, making her worthy ranking in Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram.


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