Six Things You May Have Missed About Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas's Church Wedding

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 16, 2018

From the main color of the couple outfits to the bridemaids, here are six things that you may not know about Priyanka and Nick's upcoming wedding.

The season of love, the season of the happy-ending is already in town. Some people are already excited about the Italian style wedding of Ranveer Singh with his girlfriend Deepika Padukone. However, the couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas that many fans have been waiting for their wedding are going to tie the knot soon.

According to some sources, Priyanka and Nick are preparing for two weddings. One is Indian style, another is a Christian wedding. The traditional wedding may happen at the Taj Umai Bhawan Palce. However, the place for the church is not yet revealed, though Priyanka once said that she loves the Las Vegas idea. The place is still a secret, but there are six other things that you may not know about their Christian wedding.


The Color Of Love

According to Elle Magazine, Nick Jonas will be dressed in an ivory suit. Priyanka will choose red, the colour of love, to be her main colour for the outfits on this very special occasion.


The Brand For The Bridesmaids And The Reason Behind

Their wedding's bridesmaids will wear dresses from Ralph Lauren. There is a special reason behind this choice. Priyanka and Nick first went public when they both attended 2017 Met Gala, and the couple both wore Ralph Lauren's outfits at that time. This choice is such a perfect way to remind one of those milestones in their love story.


Who Is Gonna Be The Maid Of Honor?

As per a report from The Sun, one of Priyanka's friends, Mubina Rattonsey is going to be her Maid of honour. The reason for choosing Mubina is not revealed, but we are all sure that the bride has her own specific reason.


A Luxurious Bridal Shower

Every bride could not wait for her own bridal shower. It is the occasion when the bride can get gifts in anticipation of her upcoming wedding. It is also an occasion for the bride to be with her close friends and the bridesmaids. Priyanka also enjoyed a good time with a luxurious bridal shower for her own at Tiffany's Blue Box. One of the hosts was her Maid of honour Mubina Rattonsey.


A Girls Night Out

It is usual for the groom to have his bachelor party before his wedding, but how about the bride? Priyanka could also have her bachelorette party! She went on a trip with her best friends on a joyful trip to Amsterdam.


The lovely couple's wedding will take place for three consecutive days. It will start from November 30 to December 2. We cannot wait for the beautiful wedding of Priyanka and Nick. Let's stay tuned for more updates about the occasion.


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