Inside The Isha Ambani's Lavish Wedding Menu. Let's Take A Look

Advika Hue |Dec 19, 2018

The lavish menu of Anand Piramal and Isha Ambani wedding, the biggest wedding of the year in India, has just been unveiled and the public went crazy about it.

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The luxurious wedding of Anand Piramal and Isha Ambani is undoubtedly one of the greatest weddings of this century. The wedding is like a fairy tale come true and every detail of it is impressive, even the wedding menu. Other than the guest list or the outfits of the bride and groom, the wedding menu is also something making people curious.

The wedding of Isha Ambani, daughter of the richest man of India, and Anand Piramal, the heir of a wealthy family, has been the talk of the town for days for its extravagant and lavish preparation. The guest list is also filled with A-list celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Aamir Khan, and many others. They also invited the former first lady of the US, Hillary Clinton, and pop singer Beyonce to the wedding.

In addition to those details, people are also amazed by the lavish menu served to the guests at this wonderful wedding.

As per some reports, the Ambanis featured Foodlink Catering Company, a well-known catering company, taking responsibility for serving their high-profile guests with all the finest food and drinks.

As soon as the photos of the food served in the wedding released, they have captured the public’s attention of one and all and have been talked about almost everywhere. Here are some of the pictures taken at the wedding:

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Ambani's wedding lavish menu

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Food served at the wedding

Isha Ambani - Anand Piramal wedding had almost everything that a large-scale wedding needs, from elegant ice carvings and sculptures, custom-made name cards, personalized napkins and high-class desserts from all over the world.

The Konkani and Sindhi wedding of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone which took place at Lake Como in Italy also had the same caterer that served at the Ambani-Piramal wedding.

According to an article, this lavish menu included the most delicious dishes of Indian cuisines and premium desserts.


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