Sushmita Sen Old Pics And Her Untold Miss World Stories Would Make Your Jaw Drop

Salena Harshini |Oct 21, 2020

With unlimited talents and a good heart, Sushmita Sen has won the adoration of so many people. These old pictures of her speak volumes about her journey and you will be glad to see them.

Ever since Sushmita Sen won as the 1994 Miss World, there is no turning back for her as she has ranged from a model, a beauty queen, to an acclaimed Bollywood actress. She is said to resemble fine wine which just gets better over time. Although she already looks gorgeous in her 40s, Sushmita Sen old pics will let you see how much of a stunner ever since her young days.

Sushmita Sen old pics are a blessing to the eyes and here is proof

Also, we will give you a little peek into the lesser-known stories of her beauty pageant days.

Sushmita Sen miss universe stories

1994 was absolutely a memorable year for Sushmita as at the age of 18, the actress became the first Indian to be Miss Universe. After her history-making triumph, she transformed into an adored actor not only in B-town but also in the Bengali and Tamil movie industries.

Sush 2
Sushmita Sen young look is like a dream come true

What some may not know that Sushmita almost could not go to the Philippines for the world beauty pageant. With only a few days left for the big finale, she misplaced her passport. She shared in an interview,

"It was given to Anupama Verma, then a very famous model and she was also a coordinator for events. She had my passport for a show in Bangladesh. She needed it for some ID proofing."

Sushmita 3
Sushmita Sen 1994 winning moment at Miss Universe

She told Miss India very confidently that no need to worry as her passport was with Verma. However, she could not find it. In the end, with some help from her dad, Sushmita Sen could actually get to the venue and brought home the prestigious crown for Miss Universe.

Looking at Sushmita Sen old pics, we are overwhelmed with the aura that she oozes.

Sushmita 9
Pictures when she was a model back in the days

Another unforgettable moment from that evening is when she was announced the crown owner of the year. In fact, her evening gown was made with fabric that was supposed to be used for curtains. Moreover, the gloves that she wore was created by her mother, using lace and socks. With such simple materials, she still made people stunned with her beauty, verified in these Sushmita Sen old pictures.

Sushmita Sen Miss Universe journey was not a smooth path, but she was able to make the nation proud. Check out more Sushmita Sen old pics to see her in the legendary cocktail gown and swimsuit avatars.

Sushmita 1
Sushmita Sen 1994 pic in her swimsuit part
Sushmita Sen 1
And when she won as the first Indian Miss Universe

Meanwhile, she once shared a photo showing her when she was 17. The young girl then did not know that she would have a massive turning point of her life the following year. She was like any other introvert and naïve teenager at that time, enjoying her study with her friends. She uploaded on Instagram to share an old class photo of herself and her friends in school.

Sushmita 5
Her eyes can totally suck you in

In 1994, Sushmita became the first Indian woman to win the Miss Universe title. After she became the first-ever Indian to win the title of Miss universe, her competitor in Miss India, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, also won Miss World in the same year.

Sushmita Sen husband facts

Apart from Sushmita Sen's Miss Universe tales, the questions about Sushmita Sen husband is also the highlight.

People have always been putting their attention on Sushmita's relationship

Well, technology was the Cupid for her and her now boyfriend Rohman Shawl. He first connected to her via Instagram direct messages. In an interview, she unveiled that Rohman hid his age when they first talked. For the unknown, they have an age difference of 15 years. At the time of writing, Sushmita Sen age is 44 while Rohman Shawl is 29 years old.

She shared that she was attracted to his kindness and niceness.

In spite of Rohman Shawl and Sushmita Sen age difference, Sushmita Sen daughters also support their relationship

She said,

“Initially, he kept hiding his age for some reason. I would keep asking him, ‘So, how old are you? You look so young.’ And he would be like, ‘You guess!’ Later, once I realised how young he was, as to why he didn’t want that to get in the way of this conversation. So yeah, we did not really choose this, it was chosen for us. It was destined.”

Previously, Sushmita had shared that she accidentally clicked in a DM from Rohman and was astonished of how nice it was. She responded, thanking him for the message and that began their conversations.

Sushmita Sen
More of her beauty pageant moment

Apart from Sushmita Sen old pics, we can totally see why she brought Rohman Shawl to his knees.

The two have been dating for two years and he also has a great bond with her family. Sushmita Sen daughters also find comfort in his presence and that appears as quite a relief to the former beauty queen. See more Sushmita Sen old pictures here:

She gets better and better with time
Sushmita 7
Sushmita Sen old pics as a model
Sushmita 8
The actress looks a bit like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in this pic
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Sushmita when she was called to the front in the last rounds

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