SSR Family Knew They’re Running Out Of Time To Save Him, Begging Police To Intimidate Rhea In February

Hanima Anand |Aug 05, 2020

The message from Sushant’s brother-in-law sent to a Bandra police officer revealed the desperate situation of the family in the attempt to save their son. See screenshots below!

Yesterday, Sushant Singh Rajput family revealed their chat with Mumbai police back in February, informing the authority of the risk that their son might be facing. It seemed Mumbai police officers glossed over the chat and did nothing to support the family.

Sushant Singh Rajputs Brother Laws Whatsapp Chat M
The Whatsapp chat from Sushant's family to Mumbai police in Feb.

Bandra police spoke against SSR family, disapproving of their intention

Today, in a response to that report, a Bandra police officer publicized the screenshot of his conversation with Sushant Singh Rajput brother-in-law OP Singh, who is an IPS officer in Haryana.

In the message, OP Singh was talking Paramjit Singh Dahiya at Zone 9 of Bandra police department into getting hold of Samuel Miranda as a way to intimidate Rhea Chakraborty. He thought doing that way would make Miranda spill all the beans about the Bengali actress, which could save Sushant.

When Dahiya posted the screenshot, he was against the informal solution that Sushant Singh Rajput’s family chose. He said OP Singh didn’t want to file a formal complaint but insisted on an informal handle instead. The brother-in-law of the late actor was claimed to aim at intimidating Rhea Chakraborty and putting Samuel Miranda (a Sushant’s friend) in jail as a warning.

Sushant Singh Rajput Brother In Law Message To Pol
The message was cut out of context, highlighting the informal way OP Singh opted for.

Dahiya also couldn’t understand why OP Singh didn’t contact Sushant directly but asked Mumbai police to contact Sushant’s manager instead.

Dahiya said it’s not possible to get hold of somebody and interrogate them without a formal complaint. He requested OP Singh to do so but Sushant’s brother-in-law never contacted him again for the next four months.

Mumbai Police Press Release
Mumbai police release clarification that a written complaint must be submitted.

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OP Singh’s desire is understandable given Sushant’s condition

If Dahiya thinks that posting the screenshot can divert the blame towards Sushant’s family members but not Mumbai police, he’s wrong. From our perspective, we see the desire of Sushant Singh Rajput family is totally understandable though they should lodge a formal complaint in the very beginning.

First, the formal procedures are often time-consuming, let alone the fact that Sushant’s family didn’t have any evidence of mental or financial abuse from people surrounding Sushant at that time. Their complaint was highly likely rejected if they submitted it in February.

Sushant Singh Rajput Sister
Sushant's sister and brother-in-law tried to reach him in Mumbai but they couldn't.

When they knew their son was in danger, they informed Mumbai police and begged for help. All that they got was meaningless responses that required them to follow the formal process without a guarantee that their complaint would be considered timely.

They thought of “informal handle” by getting hold of Miranda so he could reveal secrets about Rhea because they were desperate about their son’s situation while nobody could help him.

Second, they themselves couldn’t get in touch with Sushant. Sushant’s brother in law had to text Siddharth Pithani to forward messages for the actor because no one could reach him. Sushant also changed his sim cards constantly and self-isolated with other people.

As Sushant was a complete grown-up man, he was supposed to solve the problem himself. The family couldn’t just come to his house and force him to leave his girlfriend or any acquaintance when they haven’t had evidence yet. That’s not mentioning the fact Sushant might be made to believe even family members couldn’t be trusted.

Sushant Snigh Rajput Father
Sushant's father was desperate after his death.

In our previous reports, Sushant Singh Rajput house help said everything in the house was controlled by Rhea Chakraborty and nobody could enter Sushant’s room without Rhea’s permission. This is to show the difficulties of his family in connecting with the actor in Mumbai.

All in all, we hope the police and family will stop blaming each other and co-operate to get back justice for Sushant as soon as possible.

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