Sooraj Pancholi Exclusive Interview: “Satellite Shankar Is A Very Special Film For Me”

Mohnish Singh |Nov 01, 2019

With Satellite Shankar, Sooraj Pancholi is returning to the silver screen after four long years. He made his debut with Hero in 2015, which tanked at the box-office.

Though Sooraj Pancholi has seen the release of only one film in his four-year-long career, he is a pretty popular face for the audience. The young actor made his acting debut with Salman Khan Films’ romantic movie Hero in 2015. The movie was an official remake of showman Subhash Ghai’s blockbuster Hero (1983). Besides Sooraj Pancholi, Hero also launched Athiya Shetty in showbiz, but despite being promoted on a huge scale, the movie fell flat at the box-office.

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After the debacle of Hero, Sooraj Pancholi signed a dance-based flick produced by T-Series Films. However, the movie could never see the light of day and went into cold storage even after being completely shot. Now, after staying away from the silver screen for four years, shy Sooraj Pancholi is making his return with the upcoming film Satellite Shankar.

Directed by Irfan Kamal, the movie also stars popular South Indian actress Megha Akash who is making her Bollywood debut. Ahead of the release of Satellite Shankar on 8th November, STARBIZ catches up with Sooraj Pancholi for a candid conversation. Here are the excerpts from the interview with the actor…

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You are keeping quite busy promoting your upcoming film Satellite Shankar. Does it get way too hectic at times?

Yes, I am having a hectic schedule, but it feels good. My film is releasing on 8th November. Only a couple of days are left for its release, so I am trying my best to promote my film.

Tell us something about the film. And also, why is it so uniquely titled Satellite Shankar?

I am playing the character of Shankar who connects everybody, from his friends to family. By the time the movie reaches its climax, he reunites the whole of India and hence, the title Satellite Shankar.

What kind of preparations you had to do for this film as well as your role in it?

Physically, I have always been very fit. I was a little bulky when the film was offered to me. So, the first thing that my director told me to do was to cut down on my muscles. He wanted me to look lean, like a new recruit as neither I am a Major or a General in the film. I am playing a newly recruited army soldier in the movie. So, I had to put off almost 8-9 kgs to look like a soldier. I cut down on muscles, changed my workout and also my diet. It took almost 3-4 months to get into the shape and fit into the character of Shankar.

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The tagline of your film says: Not all heroes go to the battle field. Tell us something about that.

This is not a war film. It tells the story of a soldier who is off the border, who is off his camp. He just wants to meet his mother and get a warm hug and return to resume his duty. It is a soldier’s journey throughout India and what all he faces during that journey - his hurdles and obstacles - is what you will see in the film. A soldier is actually never off duty. This is a human story. Before leaving his camp, he had promised his General that he would come back on time to resume duty, no matter what.

After Hero, which was your debut vehicle, you are playing an army officer in Satellite Shankar. Your character here is in complete contrast to what you played in your first film. How do you feel?

I feel extremely blessed that I got an opportunity to do this film. Not every actor gets a chance to play an Indian soldier in a movie, but I am lucky. This is a very special film for me. It is a very humble and down-to-earth film. It will stay with you even after you come out of theatre after watching it. This film will remain in your heart for a long time.

Your parents are phenomenal actors. Do you discuss your scripts with them before signing any film?

No, never. Having said that, I do take my mother’s guidance on diction and dialogue delivery because she is very good at expressing her emotions. I take some tips from her at times. But we all are very different actors.

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Your first co-star Athiya Shetty’s film Motichoor Chaknachoor is releasing just one week after your film. What would you like to say?

I wish all the very best to her. She is a good friend of mine. I hope her film does very well too. India is a very big country and we have a huge audience and every section of the audience has different choice. I pray every film does good at the box-office.

Who is your mentor?

My mother is my mentor. A mother is a mother. She understands all aspects of life. I am very close to my mother.

What kind of films you want to do in your career? Is there any particular genre that you want to explore?

There is no specific genre, but I so want to do a well-made romantic film. I want to do a well-made romantic drama. I hope that next it happens for me.

Would you ever like to take up a dark, grey-shaded character in your career?

Why not? I would like to do thrillers also. I am also doing a sports biopic. I am going to start shooting for that in December. I want to do all kinds of films.

Which film based on Indian Army is very close to your heart?

It has to be Border (1997). Every character in that film is perfect. Songs of the film are very good. I feel Border is a film which was made ahead of its time.

What is next in the store for you?

As I mentioned, I am doing a biopic next based on a sports hero who won India 3 international gold medals. He never lost his matches. This film is based on him. So, yeah, you will see me in that next.

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