‘Some Actors Are Completely Delusional’, Says Karan Johar

Mina Muzumdar |Dec 14, 2018

Karan Johar talks about disturbing fact of “young delusional actors” and their unreasonable expectations of salary. Watch video!

In an interview with journalist Anupama Chopra, Karan Johar discussed an unpleasant fact of young actors today, who has a tremendous ego and “delusional” about themselves in a highly competitive industry like Bollywood.

Last year, Karan Johar shared his same view of point in a panel, where he made a blunt statement that major stars in Bollywood had deluded themselves into considering they had, still, an ability to captivate the audience. They even have very high expectation of their salary as it should be double digits, but they actually can’t open a film.


“It is a disease and everyone has it.” He further explained his point by figuring out that when an actor had a box office hit, he/she start to convince themselves that they’re impassable. Host Anupama then provided the fact that for some actors, the entourage, hair and makeup would cost up to Rs 1 lakh a day.


According to the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai director, every film has a different scale. Therefore, “take a backend” would be a better solution than pressurising the film’s budget.


Also, Karan believed that the culprit behind this artist’s trend is their manager who is clueless about the industry. And when their stars secure lucrative deals, start to present at the grand event and wedding, where thousands of people scream their name, they get swayed. And that is when they think about “Oh, your film did well? Increase your price by Rs 5 crore.”

In addition to Karan’s point, Siddharth Roy Kapur, represent Roy Kapur films affirmed that a star’s stature is measured by the number of audiences they can get on the opening of the film.


Moreover, he took Thugs of Hindostan as an obvious example. He said the film made a new record on its first day of release because of superstar Aamir Khan. However, the decline in revenue and audiences mainly based on the content.

Karan Johar added weight to his claim by taking a Bareily Ki Barfi as a case in point. As Karan stated, Bareilly will never be produced at the same cost anymore because the same actors probably demand higher salaries.



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