Shraddha Kapoor Husband Fact Check: Not An Actor But A Celebrity Photographer?

Salena Harshini |Jun 20, 2020

Shraddha Kapoor husband is rumored to be a famous photographer who is her childhood friend but is this true? When will she get married and who is he? Read more to find out!

The buzz is always avid when it comes to actress Shraddha Kapoor, especially her love life. That is why the topic of Shraddha Kapoor husband has been garnering a lot of discussions lately.

So who is the spouse of the Baaghi 3 actress? Let’s find out the truth about Shraddha Kapoor husband and ditch wrong rumors around this guy!

Shraddha Kapoor husband is her long-time best friend Rohan Shrestha?

The star has always tried to keep it off the limelight when someone questions about her personal life. Shraddha Kapoor has laughed off the dating rumors with Aditya Roy Kapur and Farhan Akhtar.

The buzz has also had constant inquiries about her relationship with her childhood best friend and ace photographer Rohan Shreshtha. He is the most likely one to become Shraddha Kapoor husband as allegations have risen that they will walk down the aisle this year, 2020. As expected, she keeps dodging the quizzes about the rumored link-up and given diplomatic answers.

Shraddha Kapoor and Roshan Shrestha are rumored to have been dating for 3 years and are soon going to get married

Shraddha and Rohan Shrestha have been alleged to be in a relationship since a while ago. The most lately, they were also seen taking a trip together to Turkey and journals were asserting that it was getting serious between them. Shivangi Kapoor, Shraddha’s mother has already been setting their wedding plans in motion.

Rohan Shrestha, who is the son of popular footballer Rakesh Shreshthra, is a celebrity photographer. His photographs have made it as the cover of many famous magazines like L'Officiel, Noblesse India, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Verve, Filmfare, and FHM among others.

Born on 6 March 1985, Rohan Shreshtha age is now 35. He is 2 years older than Shraddha Kapoor.

Rohan is a credited photographer who works with many Bollywood celebs

The two have been painting the town in pink with their date nights and hush-hush outings. Although their dating allegations have been going round, they just kept being in denial. Roshan had clarified in a talk that the two of them have an amazing friendship with her but they are not dating. He shared that two of them have known each other for a long time, a decade, and that is why they are so close.

"NO, I am not dating her. I met her at a party and we instantly hit it off. First impressions I definitely thought she was cute, but have only remained best friends ever since."

Meanwhile, Shraddha Kapoor also shared in a convo with Times of India that she is too busy with her commitments for work to think about other things like marriage. She stated that she has no time for any other thing apart from the films she has signed up on and it is just a “buzz”.

Here are some among the shoots Roshan Shreshtha took of Shraddha

Moreover, Shraddha Kapoor father, actor Shakti Kapoor also laughed off the marriage rumors regarding his daughter. He had said that the whole allegations about Shraddha Kapoor husband were nothing true and that she has no intention of getting married for the upcoming 4 to 5 years. Shraddha Kapoor has too many projects on her plate and is fully focusing on her new projects. Moreover, her schedule is stuffed for the next couple of years and all marriage rumors are "crap".

Talking about the link-up rumors of Shraddha Kapoor and Rohan, he got candid,

"Shraddha has been linked to many actors in the past. Yeh film industry hai bhaiya, link karne se kuch nahi hota. His father, Rakesh (Bollywood's ace photographer), is a dear friend of mine. We all are family friends. My daughter tells me everything what is happening in her life. She will never marry without her parents' consent."

Although nothing is confirmed, the buzz believe Shraddha Kapoor husband sooner or later will be Rohan

Rohan Shreshtha, Shraddha Kapoor as well as Shraddha Kapoor family have never made a confirmation yet the netizens believe that the one that is most certainly to be Shraddha Kapoor husband is the famed photographer. However, we still have to hear an affirmation from the actress to know exactly the truth behind Shraddha Kapoor marriage.

Shraddha Kapoor husband previous rumors

Previously, she was rumored to be seeing Farhan Akhtar. However, she put the allegation out in a talk with Filmfare. She denied the rumor, saying that there was no truth in it and her focus was films.

"I don’t focus on rubbish stories that people write about me. As actors, we work hard to deliver a good performance. Reporters should be responsible when they write about us. Link-up rumours are not fair. It affects my family also. But now I have learned to ignore it."

The actress is really committed to keeping her personal life off the headliines

On the professional front, she has been seen in Baaghi 3 alongside Tiger Shroff and Street Dancer 3D with Nora Fatehi, Varun Dhawan. Both of her latest projects proved to be successful at the box-office.

Till date, there isn't any official information who will become Shraddha Kapoor husband in the near future. Based on her reaction and people involved, we guess that the talented actress hasn't had intention of getting married soon. Shraddha Kapoor husband names which are rumoured among fans are just groundless and none of them prove reliable.

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