Shahrukh Khan Provides Deepika With Wedding Tips, Says Katrina Hides Her Feeling

Laavanya Hien |Nov 03, 2018

Shahrukh Khan communicated with media in order to speak his mind about Katrina Kaif, the extensive love of Anushka Sharma for film career, as well as the wedding of Deepika Padukone.

Shahrukh Khan, in an interaction with media, spoke his mind towards Katrina Kaif, the extensive love of Anushka Sharma for the film career, as well as the wedding of Deepika Padukone. This talk took place after his revelation of the movie trailer, Zero. Were you aware of the fact that the film, Zero used to be initially offered to the renown actor, Salman Khan?

While sharing about the release of the film trailer, the actor disclosed that when choosing the role for Zero, the first selection was for Salman Khan, not him.

Thoughts Of Shahrukh Khan About Katrina

When mentioning Kaif, Shahrukh Khan said that she is a kind of person who is tremendously emotional and sensitive. However, she can hide her emotions really well. Additionally, he also takes a chance to learn from her the forgiveness.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan Provides Deepika Padukone With Marriage Tip

Shahrukh Khan shares his best wishes for the wedding between Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. He showed his love Deepika by saying that God will bless the couple with goodness, contentment, and happiness. On another day, he gave Deepika a call and talk to her that she should be as happy as possible like how he had been in his lifetime marriage. He also sent tons of extensive loves to the couple.

Shahrukh Khan Makes Fun Of Anushka

Shahrukh Khan received a question about which cricketer that SRK really wanted to get out the film Zero and made a promotion for his forthcoming launch after that. In his reply to it, he revealed that if he speaks something levelling against this team of Indian crickets, Anushka who is sitting next to him will give him a snap.

Shahrukh Khan On The Cricketer, Virat Kohli

While talking about the way people could have judging or criticizing other really quickly, SRK said the name of Virat Kohli. Furthermore, he unveiled that we could judge people really quickly. As regards this matter, his intention is to say about having lived the dreaming life.

He would admit that Kohli is better than anyone because he is God’s gift. When commenting about himself, he expresses that he never thinks he isn’t talented. There is no denying how passionate he is for acting. Moreover, he would ensure to do it.

Shahrukh Khan

Katrina Talked About Her Character Which Is Compared To Actress, Lindsay Lohan

Katrina made a statement to get rid of bad feelings or confused situation among others. She divulged that there existed no third motivation for her character except for Himanshu Sharma and Aanand Rai.

SRK Expressed Admiration Of Anushka

When being asked about what SRK has learnt from Anushka, he spoke his mind that Anushka is really honest, up front, and correct.

Anushka On Cooperating With SRK

The actress said that this year she is fulfilling 10 years in this industry. She has her very first movie in which its release will be in December. In this film, she has a cooperation with Shahrukh Khan. Currently, another December launch with him. Interestingly, life turns full circle.

Additionally, she also added more about her relationship with Shahrukh Khan. She revealed that their relationship has significantly improved year by year. They have been knowing the other for a really long time because they had time to work with each other. Anushka took no hesitation to give compliments for SRK. According to her, he is such a good person whom she could talk with easily.

Moreover, she could also share multiple things with SRK any time. The reason she can talk with him lots of things is that he appears to be philosophical. Besides, he also excels at everything thanks to being well-read as well as knowledgeable. Anushka admitted that she had a lot of opportunities to learn new things from him. While he talked about certain things, he presents himself as a very experienced person. Hence, she loves making friend with SRK.


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