Shahrukh Khan Drops Off Forbes’ Top Riches Indian Celebrities 2018: 'That’s Life Of A Star'

AnhDP |Dec 07, 2018

Shahrukh Khan gave a piece of his mind about his fall from Forbes list richest Indian celebrities in 2018.

In Dubai, where SRK is attentively promoting his movie Zero in which he plays a dwarf, the actor was asked the question about his falling from Forbes’ Top riches Indian celebrities list.

The whole production and casts of the movie Zero are hard at work to promote the release of the movie on December 21. The star of the film, Shah Rukh Khan, is currently in Dubai for the movie’s premiere. The actor publicly addressed the news by saying, quote: “In the last three or four days, I’ve found out that I’ve fallen out of a magazine’s list of rich people. I’ve become dearer on Twitter and poorer according to Forbes. I just hope with this film, I can become nearer once more! So dearer, poorer and nearer in one day! That’s the life of a star!”

According to Forbes’ list, SRK dropped from 2nd place which he has occupied in2017 down to 13th place in 2018. Contradictory to this fact, his Tweeter account has been blowing up as he was named amongst top 10 “Most talked about Indian Tweeter Accounts”

As a part of the promotion for the movie, SRK held a concert with 100,000 fans at Dubai’s Global Village. This was later reported by the actor himself on his Instagram, saying “This much love for #Zero, only possible in Dubai. Thanks Global Village for the 100,000 hearts beating for Bauua, Aafia and Babita. Will convey ur #Issaqbaazi to them in India. Love u Dubaiwaalon yeh dekho Bauua ki selfie!”

As can be seen in the photo, SRK was facing his back to the crowd, waving his hands in the air and seemed to be entertaining people with his classical dance. Also can be seen from the photo are iconic skyscrapers of the city represent signature landscape sights from many corners of the world, filled with the luminous bright of neon lights.

Zero is the latest movie of SRK, telling a light-hearted story of a midget from Meerut, an outskirt of a small and poor town to the glamorous world of a big city, and by some miracle chances have felt for 2 beautiful women played by Anushka and Katrina Kaif.

The trailer and 2 official soundtracks of the movie were recently made public and so far has received positive reviews.


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