"Satte Pe Satta" Remake: Anushka Sharma Or Priyanka Chopra, Who Will Be Fixed As The Heroine?

Salena Harshini |Aug 26, 2019

Netizens are still puzzled as the leading female role in "Satte Pe Satta" remake hasn't had an official portrayer. Will it be Anushka Sharma or Priyanka Chopra?

It seems that Priyanka Chopra is put to the narrowed down list of actresses who will take on the lead female role in the remake of Satte Pe Satta.

When it has been spoken imprecisely by the makers that Anushka Sharma is the protagonist of the movie, the speculation of Priyanka being the 2nd contender has made the netizens even more anticipated towards the final choice.

Previously, rumour has it that Katrina Kaif was chosen to play the part. After that, Deepika Padukone was mentioned as the original part was portrayed by Hema Malini who is a South Indian actor.

In addition, Deepika seemed to be a great choice as she had earlier worked with both Farah Khan, the director and Rohit Shetty, the producer of the film.

Kriti Sanon was also speculated to be playing this character. However, other sources reported that the actress could act as the second female lead alongside the male lead part, which appears to be Hrithik Roshan up until now.

Priyanka Young

Afterwards, sources alleged that Anushka Sharma kind of made a confirmation for this role.

It was concluded a film business analyst,

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