Sara Ali Khan Boyfriend Does Not Need To Be Handsome, Says Sara Herself

Salena Harshini |Feb 08, 2020

The topic of Sara Ali Khan's boyfriend always attracts a lot of attention and the actress has got candid on this herself.

The recent conversation of Sara Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan on the latter’s chat show has been collecting very much attention. What especially draws curiosity is the last snippet in which Kareena asked about Sara Ali Khan boyfriend to which the young actress got candid about.

Sara Ali Khan boyfriend is the thing that has been evoking curiosity of many.

The Love Aaj Kal talked about the qualities that she finds essential in her ideal kind of man. While speaking of modern relationships, Sara stated that the first important quality is honesty. She added that she would also see whether he possesses a sense of humor, which made Kareena surprised that good looks were not involved in Sara’s mention.

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She does not need her man to be handsome.

Being questioned about this, Sara Ali Khan replied that she has no problem without it and that it would be better if her man would not be a narcissist. Kareena Kapoor was still not less surprised, so the young actress mentioned that the guy does not have to look bad but also not too good looking.

In detail, Sara said a person is better to feel comfortable in their own skin than just being good-looking. It is very rare today and people who cherish the value of themselves are rare and attractive.

Second, about Sara Ali Khan boyfriend type, the star herself shared she would not shake on an affair and then mentioned fidelity. Sara told Kareena that if she is committed to someone, it must be someone who she can proudly call her own. She also shared that it does not necessarily mean being unfaithful.

On the work front, Sara is soon going to be seen in Love Aaj Kal with Kartik Aaryan and more promising projects even.


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