Richa Chadha Features In 12 Avatars In A Dedicated Calendar For Shakeela: I Hope People Find Humor

Maanyata Thu |Jan 12, 2019

Richa Chadha will play the role of Shakeela, who is one of the most well-known adult film actress in 1990s. The dedicated calendar for the film will be released soon.

Bollywood star Richa Chadha will feature in twelve avatars based upon the 1990s’ pulp film posters in a promotion calendar for her forthcoming movie named “Shakeela.”

Richa Chadha will be present each month of the year through twelve different characters that Shakeela used to play in her famous films. The dedicated calendar will be released soon.


The actress has also retweeted the audio poster yesterday and hinted that fans won’t have to wait too long for the calendar’s launch.

Talking about the reason for making a special calendar ahead of the movie’s release, the actress said,

Screenshot 107

She further added,

Screenshot 108

On 2nd January 2019, Richa Chadha rang in the New Year’s bell with one poster from the film

Also, this calendar will have one statutory warning for the buyers, saying that all the film-posters in the calendar are fictional and bear no resemblances to any movie alive or dead, or dead-on-arrival. And if any resemblance is found in these posters, it is purely coincidental or intentional and enjoys Shakeela’s world from the 1990s.


The film Shakeela is based on the life of the Southern actress Shakeela Khan, one of the most well-known adult film actress in 1990s. She starred in some controversial projects in Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil languages. Shakeela's movies were also translated into different languages like Russian and Mandarin. Kinnara Thumbikal was one of her most popular movies.


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