Ranveer Singh's Regular Outfits Is Much Better Than Deepika Padukone Campy Look At Met Gala 2019?

Mina Muzumdar |May 08, 2019

Does Deepika Padukone have to admit that she looks so boring at Met Gala 2019 "Camp: Note to Fashion" this year and Ranveer Singh's everyday outfit even better?

When Met Gala come out with the theme "Camp: Note to Fashion" this year, they expect to deliver the message of fashion which is daring to go beyond the boundary. However, it seems that Deepika Padukone's best try on campy theme didn't win her the drama queen at Met Gala this year.

Deepika Met Gala 2019

This is the third time the Bollywood superstar attend the star-studded event and she chose a very Cinderella looks for the day. Her voluminous pink gown which was embellished with 3D-printed pieces took a tea, of engineers to create.

Talking about the inspiration for the ensemble, designer Prabal Gurung said:



Nevertheless, it's undeniable that Deepika Padukone's pink gown was a very safe choice compare to the theme of Met Gala 2019. Some even said that Ranveer Singh's regular appearance is even much better than her best strike.

Take a look at Ranveer Singh's fashion style!


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