Ranveer Singh On The New York Times Hunts A Signature Page For His Music And “Gully Boy”

Ankita Chetana |Oct 21, 2019

Marking a title for “Gully Boy” as an entry for a Bollywood film to the Oscars award, the image of Ranveer Singh on The New York Times goes with his music label.

The renowned newspaper of America has released a nominated part featuring the Gully Boy actor and his film with his music label IncInk. Ranveer Singh on The New York Times has consumed everyone drunk in his cool and chic image as an underground rapper.

Ranveer Singh on The New York Times.

The daily honoured Ranveer’s contribution in setting the underground rap in public through his iconic movie and taking up a cue to burgeoning his talents. During an interview with the newspaper, the actor revealed how he came to rap and wrist it since 1995 with Tupac.

At the age of 10, the quirky Bollywood actor has been discovering his potential in making sense the Tupac’s words authentically into his compositions.

In the news, it’s obvious to see Zoya Akhtar’s directorial Gully Boy was recognized to change the attitude of the Indians towards rap and hip-hop. Also starring Alia Bhatt in the lead role, the movie hit the cinema earlier in February 2019.

ranveer singh on the new york times

Talking about his music label IncInk and the way to turn out the Indian community of rapper, Ranveer Singh on The New York Times shared:


The fashion sensation also mentioned some other hip-hop stars such as Badshah, Yo Yo Honey Singh or Raja Kumari. He added:


He continued:



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