Ranveer Singh Finds His Fashion Soulmate, Hollywood Star Billy Porter

Mina Muzumdar |Feb 26, 2019

They are both challenge the fashion norms by steeping out into unique outfits!

If there is any actor dare to step out of the house in an outfit that defied fashion norms, it’s Ranveer Singh. Not only well-known for his supreme talent, but Ranveer Singh has also imprinted a mark on the heart of fans with his unique taste of fashion. And coincidentally, we might have found one who shares the same unique fashion taste with Ranveer Singh in Hollywood, actor-singer Billy Porter.

Here we have proofs:

#Proof 1: They would like to try everything, even a skirt.


Billy Porter chose a very Cinderella-esque look for his appearance at Oscars and had everyone talking about his looks after the Academy Awards. He walked down the red carpet in a strapless velvet ball gown with a ruffle wrist blouse and a black tuxedo.

Many times Ranveer Singh also surprised his fans by wearing skirts when he went to big events. Earlier, Simmba actor donned a half black pleated skirt/ pant completed with a tuxedo.

#Proof 2: They are big fans of neon shades


Have you found the similarities in their look? Both Ranveer Singh and Billy Porter seem to have a great passion for colour block costume.

#Proof 3: Disco Touch


Oversize coat, funky sunglass, and a big hat, they both prefer the fashion style of the 80s when disco ruled all dance floor.

#Proof 4: Fancy of faux fur


#Proof 5: Colourful Suit



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