Priyanka’s Mumbai Reception: Priyanka Chopra Introduces Nick Jonas To All The Guests As Her Husband

Kareena Kusari |Dec 21, 2018

Priyanka Chopra is immensely happy as she publicly introduces Nick to her relatives and mates as her husband: “And this is my husband, Nick Jonas.”

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas 2nd Reception
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at their second reception in Mumbai

The wedding of the celebrated superstar couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas always attracts the public’s attention.

After their nuptial ceremonies and the first wedding reception at the beginning of December, Bollywood admirers continue witnessing the duo’s second party hosted in Mumbai on Wednesday. It is Priyanka's mother, Dr Madhu Chopra, who organizes this party for their relatives, mates and the media.

Appearing together at the party, immediately, the bride and bridegroom are the centres of attention. Dressing the Sabyasachi brand‘s strapless outfit in blue colour, Priyanka looks incredibly gorgeous. Besides, the excellent match between the blue dress and an uncut diamond necklace flatters her glamour.

Standing next to her, the groom Nick Jonas is also outstanding in a grey suit. They deserve to be the perfect couple in the admirers’ eyes.

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas 4

At the party, the couple delivers the short speeches in turn to express their sincere gratitude to all the attendees. Priyanka is the one who starts her speech first. She confides that she desires her husband, Nick, to meet the whole guests present at the party. Also, she gives her grateful thanks to the participants. “Thank you so much for coming and giving us your blessings, and I hope you have a wonderful time tonight,” says she.

Ending her brief talk, Priyanka is immensely happy as she publicly introduces Nick to her relatives and mates as her husband. “And this is my husband, Nick Jonas,” she states. After her introduction, the whole audience cheers the bride and bridegroom with thunderous applause.

Nick voices his opinion at the sound of big cheer, "This is my first show in India." He offers his thanks to everyone for their presence and their warm welcomes as well.

Also, he expresses his gratitude to his mother-in-law, Dr Madhu Chopra, and her beloved wife, of course. “So thank you again and thanks to Madhu for putting it up together and my beautiful wife,” states he. Then turning to his wife, he lovingly says, “I couldn’t be happier being with you.”

In addition to the bride and groom, the appearance of the bride’s mother, Dr Madhu Chopra, in a sparkling lehenga sari also captures special attention.

Their second wedding party is hosted at JW Marriott in Juhu. Previously, Priyanka and Nick got married in Jodhpur in early December and organized the first wedding party in Delhi a few days later.

Let's have a brief look at several photos and video clips from the night:


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