Women Are Called Insane If They Speak Uncomfortable Truths, says Pooja Bhatt

Author |Oct 19, 2018

On Friday, Pooja Bhatt said that in this world which is full of lies, women who speak the “uncomfortable truth” would get the dismissal or even called “insane”.

On Friday, Pooja Bhatt said that in this world which is full of lies, women who speak the “uncomfortable truth” would get the dismissal or even called “insane”. Moreover, she also has a piece of advice for them. It is to combat their own fight in case they have a strong belief about their truths.

In another interview with the 2018 India Today Conclave East, Pooja Bhatt revealed that not only abuse but also violence exist in myriad forms. If a woman finds it indignant, it will also be against her. It is a fact that they will carry away the fundamental rights of screaming as well as speaking about pain. If you told others about these unpleasant facts, you will be then considered as insane. You even get dismissed.

As regards the system of support and the shortage of it, Pooja Bhatt took no hesitation to say that a truth never entails PR. It is much like a burning fire. When you insist on other holding your hand in case you are going to be overwhelmed by the flickering flame in your life, you then would be naive as there is no one there in order to help you fight the battle.

Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt is a recipient of the National Film Award which is for the best film about the social issue for Tamanna. She required other people to halt debating or questioning about Tanushree. People should stop asking Tanushree Dutta such question like why he has spoken her mind after 10 years. Bhatt also disclosed that there are some females who even could not call the name of their fathers, brothers, or grandfathers in their entire lifetime. And, it would be unfair to explain why now.

Pooja Bhatt Continues To Share...

Pooja Bhatt had time to recollect the experience as well as the industry’s hypocrisy. She shared that she has been in the correlation with a person who is alcoholic. Then, there existed an incident in which he struck her. And, she finally decided to speak the following day. However, people in this industry wondered why she was washing her own dirty linen publicly.

Pooja Bhatt spoke her opinion that it was really essential for Bhatt to let people know that she still felt vulnerable like others, though she had a father like Mahesh Bhatt. What’s more, she has a feeling that if a situation modifies at home, then things could also change.

She added the thing which has modified involves how much people discuss it. In her view, the outside world could never be different if homes are unsecured. In reality, she has been seeing that many people have to lead a contrasting life. Moreover, she said that each person would have her or his specific reason to choose whether they will speak up or not.

Pooja Bhatt

On the other hand, it would be healing for several people. However, it could just be a way with a view to venting anger. But, the question will be you’re enthusiastic or not to bravely reveal that truth when speaking it up can shake your home foundation. Or, you’re willing or not to speak your mind when speaking it up might shake all things from your workplace.


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