Nick Jonas Revealed About His First Kiss With Priyanka Chopra

Kanchana Ngan |Dec 01, 2018

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were invited to a Vogue interview in which their answers would make you break out into laughter.

After a Christian wedding at Jodhpur’s grand Umaid Bhawan Palace, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are now official spouses. To congratulate on their wedding, Vogue recently featured them on two special videos. If one showed a romantic performance with Nick singing "Close" and Priyanka dancing to it, the other had their involvement in the Newlywed Game.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra romantically performed Nick's song "Close"

Despite predicting that the game would be hard and they were going to lose, the newlyweds proved their full understanding of each other when giving many correct answers. For example, when being asked about their first kiss, the couple quickly came up with the answer of Peninsula Beverly Hills at Priyanka Chopra’s balcony. Or the place where they officially first met was at Oscar after party, or Nick's pet peeve was being late. Furthermore, Nick Jonas could provide such a surprisingly detailed description of his wife's clothes on their first date, which included "blue jeans, white tank top, black leather jacket, hair parted down the middle, and a red lip...of course."

Watch the video here!

Priyanka Chopra had a question she desired to know herself, which was the most diva thing Nick thought she did. “You have a list for this, don’t you? You have like five.", she humorously added. While Priyanka figured out her own weakness in cooking, Nick just graded her "perfect".

The spotlight of the show came as the couple were asked about their favourite activity to do together, which made both of them blushing. After Nick's answer "alone time, talking, hanging out, stuff", Priyanka emphasized on the part "and stuff", which left readers in imagination.

Video Priyanka Chopra dances to Nick Jonas's song:

The celebrity power couple exchanged vows on Saturday, and on the next day, they tied the knot in a Hindu ceremony. With an aim to celebrate this special occasion, Vogue published two digital covers featuring Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. One was shot with a pastoral fantasy background, whereas the other captured the newlyweds' holding hand and giving a kiss, both of the covers were worth purchasing.


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