"Naamkarann" Actress Nalini Negi Lodges Complaint Against Roommate For Physically Assault Her

Mina Muzumdar |Aug 31, 2019

"Her mother threw a glass at me, I fell unconscious," Naamkarann actress Nalini Negi said. Read details!

Actress Nalini Negi who is well-known for her role in Naamkarann just filed an FIR against her roomate Preeti and Preeti's mother for assaulting her.

Talking about the incident that happened last Wednesday, the actress said when she asked them to vacate the house, her roommate's mother then lashed out and abused her.


Screenshot 67


After that, her roommate together with her mom hit her and scratched her face. The attack was witnessed by her friend. The actor also shared a picture that shows her face with fresh scratch mark.


Reportedly, the Naamkaraan's actress stayed with her friend Preeti a few years ago until she moved to a new flat in Oshiwara and staying alone there. As the two has been a friend for sometimes when Preeti had trouble finding a new place, she asked her to stay in her house but the incident then happened.


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