#MenToo: Woman Who Accused TV Actor Karan Oberoi Of Rape Arrested

Nagini Shree |Jun 18, 2019

The Mumbai Police confirmed that the woman who had accused Karan of rape and blackmail has been arrested due to false allegations and orchestrating an attack on herself.

Suddenly, The Mumbai Police arrested the woman who had lodged a false case of rape against television actor Karan Oberoi. Meanwhile, the actor who had been captured last month for allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend is relaxed now.

Oshiwara police arrested the woman on Monday. According to some reports, the woman is accusing of filling a false complaint against the television star and even purposely arranged an attack against herself. The victim earlier said that she was attacked by two men who threatened to splash acid on her if she refused to withdraw the case.

Singer Actor Karan Oberoi
Singer-actor Karan Oberoi

However, after the investigation, the police have found out that the attack was actually pre-planned and the two men admitted that they were paid Rs 10,000 for it. It even turned out that one of the two attackers was her lawyer's cousin. This act was aimed at defaming the actor. The lawyer too has surrendered to the cops, admitting that the woman had hired his cousin for the attack.

Karan Oberoi was arrested by Mumbai police last month for allegedly raping his former girlfriend.

For the unaware, the complaint had filed an FIR against the actor-singer for allegedly raping and extortion under the pretext of marrying her.

Screenshot 7

Karan Oberoi
Karan Oberoi refuted all claims.

Reacting to these allegations, Karan Oberoi and his lawyer issued a statement claimed he is innocent and all complaints were false.

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Despite all revelations and claims, the woman insisted on being innocent and she will be soon produced in the court for further investigations.


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