Manmarziyaan: Taapsee Pannu Feels Like She Has Not Been Known By Most

Author |Sep 14, 2018

Taapsee Pannu is sure a very hardworking actress and she deserves all the love from audience!

ll has the feeling that the audience has not yet "known" her.Though her works have been released consecutively and it might seem that she soon will reach fame soon, she is not yet confident. At the age of 31, Taapsee has been known for her appearance in Pink, Mulk and her most recent work: Manmarziyaan. The actor seems to have not much concern about whether there is too much exposure to her part. She plans to keep doing so!

In her recent interview with PTI,Taapsee shared that she saw herself not yet at the career stage where she could do one or two films per year.

On the contrary, she plans to keep on appearing in multiple works every year until almost all movie-goer knows of her. Somehow, Taapsee still has that lingering fear that "people don't really know me". And only by working harder, she believes she will actually reach fame.

Hence, Taapsee plans to be more selective in her works only when she is confident that she has successfully created an audience of her own. And only when she can feel that people consider her works worthy of their hard-earned money, she would be proud of herself as being "famous".


Also in this interview, Taapsee explained that she couldn't have declined any movie after "Pink". Nonetheless, even if she did make a mistake, the actor would not regret any decision because she believes that they only make her become better. The actor shared in her own words: "Post 'Pink', I don't have any film which I can pick out from my filmography and say 'It would have been better if I hadn't done this film'." It is such a great attitude about your career. Hopefully, with this mindset, we will see Taapsee grow much further and higher in the industry.

Not only that, Taapsee shared with us her goal of becoming one of the most popular movie stars of her generation. The actor would only trust in her popularity of being a star when she can feel that the people do not hesitate to spend their money to see her work at the theatre. She said, " want to be a star. It doesn't mean that I'll act any less. My performance will be at par but I want to be a star."

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And to achieve such a goal, Taapsee shared that she needs a clear mindset, confidence and a firm understanding of her goals. With her ups and downs in the career, Taapsee believes that it is important to be confident about yourself. But at the same time, it is also crucial to know who you are and everything around you. The actor said: "Delusion is something that kills most of the public figures and the day you get delusional, it is like suicide point." What a great point of view! She must have been through a lot in her life to have such an understanding.

About the Manmarziyaan success, Taapsee thanks the directors and writers, including Anurag Kashyap for creating such unforgettable parts for her.

In her own words, Taapsee considered the Manmarziyaan helmer as the "evil twins". What an interesting way to describe your favorite director!

Also in the interview, Taapsee explained why she call him so. "We both are like those evil twins, like yin-yang, biggest bullies and critics of each other. After the film was over, we were like 'What are we doing next together?' Taapsee talked about the film director with such adoration. She praised the director as the representative director from India. She added that what really connects her - Anurag and the character Rumi that she plays - is actually the fact that Anurag does not care about what people would comment about it. Sometimes, it really matters to not listen to others and focus only on your own ideas and reasons.

In her upcoming movie - "Badla", Taapsee will be working with director Sujoy Ghosh, and it would be her second collaboration with Amitabh Bachchan - the world star. Let's keep our eyes on Taapsee in her upcoming movies, and see how the actor will rise to fame with such hard work!


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