John Abraham Believes One Must Not Be More Religious

Imran Asif Fazal |Jan 08, 2020

Actor John Abraham also emphasized that our country should develop infrastructure for differently abled people also.

Actor John Abraham is a multi-faith man. During an interaction at a Braille edition book launch of Karma Sutra, the actor spoke how dangerous it could be to become more religious. He also spoke about how his family never enforced religion on him. He recalled about the teachings from his father and said that one should follow the guidelines of a religion and become a good person.

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The event which was organized by National Association For The Blind, John Abraham said that one does not need to visit religious places inorder to become good person. One must do good things inorder to be a good person. He also said that he did not intended to create any controversy but said that most religious people are the most dangerous ones. He also advised to better stay away from religion.One must follow religious guidelines, he says. He also advised to go good thing for all living beings. His father taught him to serve the humanity rather than going to pray at temple, Gurudwara or mosque.

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He also emphasized that India is unable to accommodate differently abled people. In terms of infrastructure and accessibility India is lacking behind as compared to the West. He said that many European countries has exclusive features for accessibility to protest the interests of differently abled people. He raised a point about how poorly animals are being treated in India. Being a democracy, we should be more kinder and accommodate all living beings he said.

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He slammed bureaucracy of India for being a disaster towards differently abled people. According to him infrastructure in the country should be resolved and must be moved towards right direction. The country is unable to provide adequate logistics for such people in public transport and public places. He still hopes that in a lifetime he will be able to see a differently abled person move comfortably in public places.


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