Isha Ambani – Asia’s Richest Man’s Daughter And Her $100 Million Wedding.

AnhDP |Dec 12, 2018

Reportedly, Mukesh Ambani spent up to 100$ million for his daughter wedding.

The wedding of Isha Ambani – daughter of billionaire Mukesh Ambani – was attended by many familiar faces and superstars. Studied Psychology in college, Ambani however chose to follow her father’s footsteps and become a business woman.

Isha Ambani, 27-year-old, is the daughter of Mukesh Ambani, an oil tycoon and tech mogul who is, according to Forbes, the richest person in Asia. Her mother is Nita Ambani, a well-known art collector and business woman. As the saying goes, “like father like daughter”, Isha is voted by Forbes amongst the list of “12 Asian women of the New Age” in 2015.

Isha is posing with her mother in her engagement ceremony. She took after her mother’s beauty and her father’s intelligence. Isha graduated from Yale University where she majored 2 degrees of Psychology and Asian study. She is currently finishing her PhD at Stanford.

Baskets of flowers are prepared for her wedding. Although being raised in a Western-heavy culture, Isha and her husband preferred a classic and traditional Indian wedding over a Western style one, from they way they dressed up to how the wedding was decorated.

A top-down look of the castle in Udaipur city, where the we took place on the 12th of December.

Mukesh Ambani and wife are taking photos with Hilary Clinton. Hilary Clinton is amongst the famous guests that invited to the wedding

People know about Isha Ambani as a confident and friendly woman. She has shown her confident and self-valued by talking about herself on social media as follow: “I am amazing, beautiful and smart, and I don’t need anybody to prove that for myself”.

She was bred for greatness, as both her and her younger brother were inducted into the board of her father’s conglomerate company Reliance Industries in 2014.

In the picture was Isha and her boyfriend/soon-to-be husband Anand Piramal’s engagement ceremony back in July. Her engagement ceremony was a huge event that was attended by over 600 famous and high-profile guests. John Legend was the singer in the ceremony.

Isha and her father at the engagement ceremony in Italy. According to Isha, her father is the ideal figure that she wishes to be one day.

Isha credited her dear mother for the beauty that she has, as well as any of the good traits that made her the woman she is today. Nita Ambani, according to Forbes, is one of the most influential business women in Asia.

Her fiancée, Anand Piramal, graduated from University of Pennsylvania majored in Economy and finished his master’s degree in business administration from Harvard. He is the founder of Piramal Realty, one of the biggest real estate firms in India.

Isha Ambani's beauty is undeniable.

Besides her passion in business, Isha loves spending time with her friends. She loves sports, especially football.

Despite being a rich young woman, Isha remains fairly modest on social media, has posted pictures of her and her friends and family.

Isha regularly indulges herself with a fancy and classic English style of fun, as she was seen participated in a horse race, dressed as royalty alongside many other famous faces.


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