Farhan Akhtar Shared He Needed A Break Due To His Feeling Of Fatigue

Author |Oct 20, 2018

Singer, filmmaker, and actor Farhan Akhtar is always successful in acting a wide range of roles. But, due to excessive acting, he really needed a break to refill his energy.

Singer, filmmaker, and actor Farhan Akhtar is always successful in acting a wide range of roles. But, due to excessive acting, he really needed a break to refill his energy. After more than one year, Farhan had begun doing his shoot for the forthcoming film which is The Sky Is Pink.

When he decided for his shooting after this period of time, he can feel recharged. There exists this break because Farhan Akhtar started to feel exhausted and fatigued. Through this truthful interview, he keeps sharing about how much the unsuccess of a series of films has exerted a negative effect on him.

What makes you continue to go when being not only a director, actor, producer, writer but also a singer?

Farhan Akhtar takes up too many roles during her lifetime. That’s why it is not strange for fans when he receives this question. As he encounters this inquiry, Farhan said that he relishing what you love doing and always desiring more than just your current satisfaction, enjoyment, then mixing something together in a creative way will reward him with tons of happiness in his life.

At this time, he also feels that it is vital to keep in touch with the things that you have been putting a lot of effort. It is because this is not only a job but also your passion. And, for sure, you will find it fortunate because people offer you a chance to possess it as your career. Moreover, Farhan Akhtar expresses that he will never do it just because it is his job only. In this case, he will certainly stop working.

Farhan Akhtar

Among these roles, have you found it directionless or lost?

The reaction of Farhan Akhtar to this question is like yes, it actually happens. Over a year or a couple of years ago, he hasn’t had any shooting for any film. It was not until recent days, he could start his project again which is The Sky Is Pink.

He discloses that he really needed a break because he began to get weariness, tiredness, and exhaustion when shooting. In fact, he had a constant shooting when he received the role in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in 2010. It means that it took him up to six years to work continuously. Hence, the condition of being burnt out happened to him.

What made you decide to introspect and dodge?

As regards this matter, Farhan Akhtar unveils that whenever you arrive at the film set, and you’re about to perform your role, you then feel so enthusiastic to be there. However, to some extent, you will feel exhausted about what you have been doing today. It is the time he knew that he should have a break to recharge himself. Then, he thought that he also needed to do something different in order to get back to the feeling of being hungry again.

Finally, what happened to him. What’s more, he was extremely grateful that he took a time off as that period of time had offered him several perspectives about which level he would like his career path to reach as well as what type of job he wished to pay more concentration in the near future.

Farhan Akhtar

Is it right that your recent break resulted in Hindi single Jaane Ye Kyun Kiya as well as lyrical single Rearview Mirror?

Farhan Akhtar admitted that he had finished all of these music writings during his recent break. And, this had been a very good alternation for himself. There is no denying that the shift from being only in the shooting and film to exist in the studio to harmonize with his guitar as well as musicians was really a long-awaited modification. In his talking about his music career, Farhan Akhtar took no hesitation to uncover that his upcoming single will approach listeners in November.

The meeting between Farhan Akhtar and Hima Das

Hima Das, the well-known sprinter is the very first athlete in India to achieve the precious gold medal for the worldwide event. Proudly, she also received a round of applause from audiences when Hima took part in the U20 World Championship and was victorious with the sprint of 400m in July.

Farhan Akhtar used to depict Milkha Singh, a talented legendary athlete in a biopic. He also gave her a praise with a tweet saying that the most giant dream of Milkha entailed in seeing one Indian athlete winning Gold in field & track. This was the reason why Hima Das could find Akhtar really interesting and inspiring. Therefore, it was such a welcoming meeting when both Das and Farhan decided to see each other on the occasion of the Leadership Summit which took place in Delhi.

A very close source revealed that these two celebrities had a discussion about the diets as well as training schedules. After their meeting, Hima Das commented that Farhan Akhtar was a nice person. She was so delighted that she could finally get an opportunity to meet him.

Farhan Akhtar

How is your career affected due to the failure? Specifically, your recent films like Rock On 2 as well as Lucknow Central, underperformed at box offices?

It actually makes you appreciate what you have been doing. When you’re getting roaring success, there exists certain triumphant atmosphere every time. Then, you will have the feeling of being high. This results in the fact that one would never want to stop with a view to introspecting. It is not until there is a film or project which is underperformed you could reconsider what you should have performed in a different way.

If you are able to decide wisely unwisely or there was anything which is suitable for your roles such as a producer, an actor, or a director, you might have done much better. Thus, everyone must agree that there is always a need to learn new thing in everything. It probably enables you to reflect on what they have done. It is much like you always desire to get success without becoming a learned man.


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