Himansh Kohli Opens Up On His Breakup With Singer Neha Kakkar

Imran Asif Fazal |Feb 19, 2020

Himansh Kohli claimed that he has faced severe backlash from netizens when Neha Kakkar posted on social media platforms.

After almost an year, actor Himansh Kohli spoke his heart out about his break up with singer Neha Kakkar. It was an ugly turn of events after Neha Kakkar broke down on the singing reality show Indian Idol. During an interview with a leading daily newspaper, Himansh Kohli claimed that he received lot of hate on the internet when Kakkar shared any posts on her social media accounts.

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Himansh Kohli and Neha Kakkar were in a serious relationship since a very long time.

For the unversed, Neha Kakkar broke down on national television when Himansh Kohli's name was mentioned during the show. Himansh Kohli said that the break up was not ugly from his side but due to speculations everything became ugly. He termed this period as his worst phase of life. But he feels that things have settled down but he remembers the time when fans on internet cursed him on social media.

He further said that the split which took place in the end of 2018 and it all started after Neha uploaded a post on her social media account. The fans without knowing the real story started speculating various stories and blamed Himansh for the entire incident. This further led to people drawing conclusions due to the posts on social media platforms. The singer later went on to a TV show and cried which everyone believed that the actor has to be blamed. He further stated that even he wanted to cry but he wanted to show up a brave face.

Himansh Kohli also said that several times he wanted to write down his feelings on social media platforms when he felt weak. But he stopped himself thinking that he should wait and not vent out things against a person whom he had loved. He decided to not speak against Neha Kakkar because he loved her at one point of time. But the actor never asked Kakkar as to why she was doing such things despite knowing that it was hurting him. When he was asked about the reason behind the break up, he also said that there were any things which took place during their relationship. But he chose to not talk about it and mutually decided to end the relationship.

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