"Heropanti 2" Poster Released, Internet Claims It Copies "John Wick"

Salena Harshini |Feb 29, 2020

After Disha Patani was claimed to be the copycat, now Tiger Shroff has his new film poster released which is said to be the rip-off of a famous Hollywood movie.

As soon as the first look of Tiger Shroff’s new film came on floors, it yet again got tangled in plagiarism controversies. Some netizens have pointed out the similarity between the posters of Heropanti 2 and John Wick – the movie considered the epitome of modern-day action.

The buzz has been seen raising diverse opinion targeting the new still of Heropanti 2. While a netizen said they can’t watch Tiger Shroff’s movie “bastardizing” John Wick, some claim that the Heropanti 2 posters are “cheap rip-off” of that from the Keanu Reeves starred franchise.

Take a look at the first one:

Heropanti 2 poster
"Heropanti 2" poster is claimed to copy that of "John Wick"

It looks similar to John Wick: Chapter 3’s poster, but some have said that it could be given away considering Shroff has a red tie and the background is a bit different.

John Wick Heropanti 2

To the second poster, take a look:

Heropanti Heropanti 2
The second poster of "Heropanti 2"...

And there have been certain assertions that it is exactly a copy from the poster of John Wick: Chapter 2.

Keanu Heropanti 2
And "John Wick 2" poster

To this controversy, netizens have given a lot of opinions and also make trolls towards it. They are also worried that as what they assumed from the posters, Heropanti 2 will be the rip-off of John Wick.

This can be a disaster to them because, in their opinions, John Wick films own much sentimental value not only because they were the powerful comeback of Keanu Reeves in the industry but also because they have taken on special action set-pieces while also paying homage to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton films.

Screenshot 5 Heropanti 2 Heropanti 2 2 Heropanti 2 3 2 Heropanti 2 1 Heropanti 2

On another hand, Baaghi 3 featuring Tiger Shroff also had its newest song released recently and ironically, Do You Love Me was also embroidered in copy-cat issue following the famous track Do You? of TroyBoi.

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