From Ranveer To Priyanka, Here Are 9 Super Awkward Pictures That Bollywood Stars Don’t Dare To See Them Again

Leela Adwani |Apr 09, 2019

Ready to laugh your head off!

Happy Tuesday, get rid of the mid-week day blues and be ready to be amused with us. Perhaps, you might wonder how Bollywood stars can manage to look gorgeous all the time at least one time in your life. Well, it might come as a surprise, but they don’t always look perfect as we think.

Many celebs from Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra were all clicked at the wrong time, and unfortunately, these awkward pictures were surfaced online and fans, of course, could see those not-so-perfect photos of their favourite stars.

Here are the most embarrassing moments that celebrities don’t dare to look at again. Soooooo, laugh your head off!

Is Bipasha Basu casting for a horror movie?

Super Awkward Pictures Of Bollywood Stars Click

Well, I assure that not only me but also many people are startled in the first time stumbling across this photo. Lucky me! I’m watching it in the daytime.

Ohhh, Ranveer, you are choosing a wrong place to scratch your ear

10 Super Awkward Pictures Of Bollywood Stars Click

The desi boy should do it at home instead of in public.

OMGGG!!! What’s wrong with your nose, Jacqueline?

10 Super Awkward Pictures Of Bollywood Stars Click

Even though the actress chose a seem-to-be intimate place, she still failed to hide from the camera of the eagle-eyed paparazzi.

Aishwarya is in the full flow. We wonder what is she trying to say

Even the former Miss World and beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan sometimes looks so unglamorous.

How Vexing!

10 Super Awkward Pictures Of Bollywood Stars Click

Who made Kajol look so frustrated?

Oops!! What’s up with Deepika’s lips?

10 Super Awkward Pictures Of Bollywood Stars Click

The diva seemed to be appearing in a public event, but what? Hold on, what was she doing? Something goes wrong with her lips or… her teeth, didn’t it?

What makes you surprised, Alia?

Screenshot 1

While always looking drop dead gorgeous on the films and at the events, Alia Bhatt made a funny face at the promotion event of her upcoming film Kalank.

WHATTT!! Ranveer, who are you kissing? He is not your wife, Deepika

Super Awkward Picture

What happened with your outfit, Priyanka?

Super Awkward Picture

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