Film Festivals Rope In Mainstream Actors, A Welcome Change Might Pave The Way For Young Figures

Nagini Shree |Mar 26, 2019

Actor Deepika Padukone has been appointed as the new chairperson of MAMI film festival replacing filmmaker Kiran Rao. Experts give their views.

At a board meeting of the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star, Deepika Padukone has unanimously voted as the new chairperson of Mumbai Academy of Moving Image after replacing Kiran Rao who has chaired the academy for four years.

Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly one of the most bankable stars in the industry. Creating magic on the silver screen for over ten years, the Bollywood diva is all set to add another feather to her already crowded cap. 

The board hopes that under her leadership, the festival will continue to flourish and attract newer and younger audiences. Both experts and celebrities are excited with this move and feel that Deepika’s appointment might pave the way for more mainstream figures in influential positions.

A smart move for Bollywood

Anupama Chopra
Anupama Chopra. Source: ED Times

MAMI director Anupama Chopra expresses her happiness with Deepika’s appointment,

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Actor Gajraj Rao shares the Padmaavat star will bring benefits to the organisation in the long run and push the body to move toward.

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Talented Stars Attract More Audience

Rohit Roy
Rohit Roy. Source:

According to Indian television star Rohit Roy, a producer or filmmaker has held the chairman of a film festival body for a long time. However, Rohit is optimistic with Deepika’s appointment and believes that the film festival could expand and have access to a broader market.

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Connection to the young generation

Mami Mum 630 630
20th MAMI Film Festival. Source: Twitter

Anupama Chopra says that in the context of digital era which most films are available on the smartphones, it's crucial to connect with youngsters and encourage them to attend film festivals. And Deepika’s link with the youth will keep film festivals go great guns.

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No term condition Deepika’s appointment

Gettyimages 957433428
Deepika Padukone. Source: Women in the World

Several people show their concern toward Deepika's commitment to the new position as the actress has a full plate with a line of projects. However, Chopra says Deepika doesn't need to work daily at the Mimi office.

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Calling her appointment a huge responsibility, Deepika once told,

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