Exclusive Interview: Adah Sharma Believes In Promoting Indian Martial Arts

Imran Asif Fazal |Jun 21, 2019

Adah Sharma will be seen playing the role of a man in her upcoming release "Man To Man".

After Adah Sharma posted her video performing Silambam (a form of Indian martial art), the video went viral and now while speaking to STARBIZ correspondent Imran Fazal, the Commando fame actress revealed that she believes in promoting Indian martial arts.

Adah Sharma
Actress Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma spoke in length about her upcoming roles and new projects and the secret behind her three colored hairstyles. Excerpts from the interview:

Your video performing Silambam went viral as soon as you posted it on your social media accounts. Where did you learn the art form?

I have taken the training from a coach in Tamil Nadu. Silambam is a very difficult form of Indian martial art and it requires discipline and concentration. If you get distracted for a moment, the stick will hit your head.

My role in upcoming film Commando 3 required it and so I learnt it. I wanted to pick up a skill which is not picked up by many and instead of learning Kung Fu or Karate, I learned Silambam which is a form of Indian martial art.

I believe in promoting Indian martial arts instead of picking a foreign martial art form. I am also trained in Kalaripayattu which is yet another Indian martial art form.

Your upcoming web series The Holiday has become a talk of the town. How will you describe your role?

It's a unique role and I am playing the role of a bride alongside three boys who are best friends and they are on a holiday trip. The shooting has been done in Mauritius and it revolves around the lives of four characters who drive the web series till the end which is total madness. It will be releasing soon on Zoom Studios which will also mark my debut on the digital platform.

What is the secret behind your three colored hair?
My role in The Holiday required a scene which is a total bindaas character and so it required colors on my hair. I have been appreciated by my friends from the industry about the new hairstyle. The web series will be released in July.
Your upcoming film Bypass Road is a thriller with Neil Nitin Mukesh, what type of character Adah Sharma will be seen in that movie?
In Bypass Road, I am playing the role of a cute sweet girl who works as a fashion entrepreneur. I have not done such a role earlier. Its a thriller film with lots of twists in it. The film has been majorly shot at Lonavala and Alibaug.

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Adah Sharma and Neil Nitin Mukesh during the wrap-up shoot party of "Bypass Road".

In which other films you will be seen in upcoming months apart from Commando 3

I am doing a period drama Telugu film Kalki which will release on June 28. It would be for the first time that I will be seen wearing sarees throughout the film. The film is directed by Prasanth Varma. I am plying the role of man in the movie Man To Man. It will be a completely different role for me.

Adah Sharma

It is a Hindi movie in which a man falls in love with a woman and later realizes that a woman is actually a man. The role is very exciting as no other woman has played the role of a man in the movie. We have finished shooting Man To Man and will be released soon.


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