Deepika Padukone Once Wanted To Maintain An Open Relationship With Ranveer Singh

Kareena Kusari |Dec 31, 2018

Previously, when meeting Ranveer, she once had a cynical attitude about love.

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Currently, Deepika Padukone has found a peaceful haven beside the love of her life Ranveer Singh.

However, in a recent interview with a well-known movie magazine, she confided her breakdowns before he entered her life. Previously, when meeting Ranveer, she once had a cynical attitude about love. Therefore, although sensing a close connection between the two, she still chose to start an open relationship with him.

That feeling’s cause didn’t originate from him. Nevertheless, it depended on whether she was willing “to commit to a relationship” or not. The important problem was that her belief in love crumbled after several past relationships. When meeting him, she was “exhausted," said she.

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She started a serious relationship as a thirteen-year-old girl. She said that she had been repeatedly "in and out of relationships". Consequently, she wanted to experience the sense of living on her own for some time. She had “never casually dated". No matter how long the love lasted, they were still her "proper relationships." For her, when having feelings for someone, she always gave her "hundred per cent.”

As Ranveer came into her life, she was experiencing a sense of frustration after the breakdown and was cautious about the loving relationships. After her past love was broken up in 2012, she felt like "I'm done." Thus, she wanted to test "concept of casual dating" and didn't want to become "answerable” to anybody.

As the couple met in 2012, she told him she felt a “connection” between them. She genuinely “liked” him; however, she wanted “to keep it open.” She said:

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However, Deepika had no relationships except Ranveer ever since. After six months of dating, she realized that she “emotionally invested” fairly much in their relationship. For instance, she thought when they got married and then she had the feeling that she was "never unsure about him." Although their relationship went through ups and downs, they still are together finally.

Last November, the couple has ended their six-year relationship with a dreamy and romantic wedding at Lake Como, Italy.


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