Ranveer Singh Was Not Deepika Padukone's Type On The First Impression

DuyenNTM |Oct 09, 2018

Deepika Padukone made the audience so surprised at the 16th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit when saying that Ranveer Singh was not her type.

At the 16th Hindustan Times Leadership Conference held in New Delhi, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone had met each other for the first time.

Now, there appeared some rumors about the wedding between the couple. Actually, they did not refuse or confirm their relationship for the past few years.

After moderator Sonal Kalra asked Deepika about her first impression of Ranveer, she just avoided answering the question and said that everything would be opened up in a suitable time.


Deepika assumed Ranveer was not her type for the first time

Deepika, one of the most well-paid actresses in India, shared that after watching Band Baja Baarat, the first film Ranveer starred, she also had a small talk with her agent about him.

Then, the agent of Deepika was persuaded that Ranveer's fate was chosen to become a superstar. Responding to that statement, the actress said she was not certain about that.

At that time, Deepika remembered saying that the actor was not her type. After hearing that, the audience was totally surprised. But then, Deepika changed the atmosphere thereby expressing her respect to the actor. She said that she didn't know a Bombay boy was that man because, in the film, the actor looked completely perfect. Besides, she also thought Delhi was his hometown. It was actually one of her most-liked movies.

The role of Ranveer in the film was a young man coming from Delhi, opposing Anushka Sharma. Then, the actress recalls the time she met Ranveer and asked him directly whether he had moved to Bombay or not.

Ranveer suffered from an allergic reaction for the first meeting

However, the story from Ranveer was totally a different version. At that time, The actor said his parents and he were eating out at a restaurant, then seeing Deepika stepped in. Deepika didn't know that he was truly a big fan of hers. When seeing the actress's seat really near his table, he couldn't hide his excitement and told the parents that he'd presented himself to her later.

Unfortunately, after having eaten some lobsters, he was immediately allergic by it. So when he came to meet her at the meeting, he always had to manage to cover his face. Finally, the actor said that he had to left the meeting due to this unexpected allergic reaction.


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's marriage has been the spotlight of media for a while. According to some online reports, the duo may just inform their wedding date when the festival of Navratri takes place. Before that, there were some rumors about the couple were all set to tie the knot in November.


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