David Dhawan On Varun Dhawan’s Close Shave On “Coolie No. 1” Set

Mohnish Singh |Nov 29, 2019

David Dhawan recounts the entire incident involving son Varun Dhawan with a shudder and says it could have turned ugly.

David Dhawan is mostly known for making rib-tickling comic-capers, but some of his movies do involve high-octane action sequences. The filmmaker was recently shooting for his next directorial Coolie No. 1, starring his younger son Varun Dhawan as the male lead. Everything was hunky dory on the sets of the film until a stunt went awry as Varun Dhawan stuck in the car hanging over the cliff. Luckily, the popular actor escaped unhurt with aid of stunt director.

David Dhawan and Varun Dhawan

Recounting the experience with a shudder, David Dhawan tells an entertainment portal, “It was finally ok. Nothing untoward happened. But it could have turned ugly. You see, the door of the car in which Varun was shooting got stuck. When we saw what was happening, we froze. But Varun remained totally calm. He was extricated from the car before any mishap.”

Varun Dhawan
Image source: Instagram

When asked if he would stop Varun from doing such risky stunts in future, the filmmaker snapped, “Why only Varun? I recommend full safety for all my heroes when they do action scenes. In fact, we had taken safety measures for the stunt with Varun also. But these young actors want to push the action into the daring zone. Varun belongs to that enthusiastic generation which would do anything to ensure optimum authenticity on screen.”

David Dhawan goes on to add that he would not allow actors to take risks in the future. “My films usually don’t have complicated action. In the remake of Coolie No. 1, we decided to incorporate a couple of such scenes. But from now on I won’t allow anything dangerous. Audiences come to my films for laughter, not thrills.”

The filmmaker signs off by saying that Coolie No. 1 is almost complete. “We have two songs only, one of them to be shot in Mauritius. Then we are done. After that we will prepare for our May release.”


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