Birthday Special: Most Inspirational Statements By Salman Khan That Got All Thinking

Mina Muzumdar |Dec 28, 2018

As Salman Khan turns 53 today, here are 15 inspirational statements from Bhai that got all thinking. 

Undoubtedly, Salman Khan is one of the most influential actors in Bollywood. Despite being a superstar and having a massive fan across the country, Salman Khan is affectionately known to be very a humble and down-to-earth person. Live a life of a famous celebrity, apparently, he could never be free of controversies. Nevertheless, the ‘Dabangg’ actor always keep his head down and silently keep working hard. As Salman Khan turns 53 today, here are 15 inspirational statements from Bhai that got all thinking.

1. Salman Khan on his successful career

Salman Khan

2. Salman Khan on fashion style

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3. "I don't have to show that I am working very hard"

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4. Age like fine wine

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5. "My films celebrate the heartland of India."

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6. Salman Khan on the vision of his fashion brand

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7. In the past, I had a knee-jerk approach to work, and it showed on screen. I was doing movies for the wrong reasons - trying to juggle dates, do too many guest appearances, take up projects under pressure or for emotional reasons.

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8. "I don't think I have done anything extraordinary to change people's lives"

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9. Salman Khan talks about his film

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10. “Any film is about heroism: the triumph of good over evil. If you look at my films, you will see that as a recurring theme.”


11. "Sometimes I feel I hope I am not taking advantage of my stardom."

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12. “The days the producers aren’t minting money, or the fans are done with me and, most of all, I as a person get bored of acting. I will stop and pursue my other interests. There is a lot to do: painting, writing, direction.”


13. “Be yourself"


14. "In life go straight and turn right"

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15. “If you have an idea that seems worth doing, don’t wait to hire other people and get funding and all those things. Just start doing it, wait to see what happens, and then iterate on that.”



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