SRK Becomes The National Father-In-Law After Video Of Aryan Khan Singing “Attention” Went Viral

Leela Adwani |Dec 29, 2020

[Boyfriend-Material] Video Of Aryan Khan Singing “Attention” Makes You Want To Call SRK “Father-In-Law” Instantly.

Shah Rukh Khan is, no need for introduction, touted as King of Bollywood. Being a superstar in the film industry, his children are also expected to follow his footstep. If we are obsessed with his charming dimples and top-notch acting talent, his eldest son rules the hearts of millions of teenage girls with his own charm.

Srk Son Aryan Khan
Aryan loves playing guitar

None of his children officially makes their acting debut in the Hindi cinema but they are the striking stars on their own. Talking about Aryan Khan, he is called mini Shah Rukh Khan. Like his sister, Suhana Khan, Aryan also pursued his higher education in filmmaking and writing in the US.

Video shows him singing "Attention" with his guitar

However, little do we know that he has a knack for music. In a recent video that is going viral on social media, SRK junior can be seen playing guitar while singing Charlie Puth’s hit song Attention. Joining him is another friend who also sings along with the 23-year-old boy.

Srk Son Aryan Khan 2
SRK's eldest son Aryan Khan and his friend in the viral video

The video was shared by one of his fan accounts. As soon as the singing video was out, compliments from his fans started pouring in the comment section. Many call him “boyfriend-material” and most of them can’t get enough of his charm.

“Can’t stop looking at this,” a fan wrote.

Srk Son Aryan Khan 3
With a heartbreakingly handsome appearance, Aryan Khan is also called a ladykiller.

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Aryan Khan's Bollywood plan

For those who are unversed, last year Aryan Khan broke the Internet as he dubbed for Simba’s character in the Hindi-language version of The Lion King along with his father Shah Rukh Khan.

Srk Son Aryan Khan 4
Aryan Khan, sister Suhana Khan and their cousin

Earlier, in an interview, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that his son doesn’t want to become an actor like him. Another reason that makes Aryan Khan decide not to start his acting career is that he doesn’t like the inevitable comparisons between him and his proud father. Instead, Aryan is a good writer, King Khan disclosed.

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