Arbaaz Khan Exclusive Interview: "I Have A Desire To Write Script For A Film"

Imran Asif Fazal |Sep 27, 2019

"Main Zarur Aunga" will be Arbaaz Khan's first horror film. It has been shot in snow clad mountains of Switzerland.

Arbaaz Khan will be seen in horror-thriller Main Zaroor Aunga also starring Aindrita Ray as a lead actress. The film has been shot in Switzerland and revolves around the love story of a businessman (Arbaaz Khan) and model (Aindrita Ray).

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This would be the first time that Arbaaz Khan has tried his hands on a different genre. The film will hit theatres on September 27.

During an exclusive interview with STARBIZ correspondent Imran Fazal, Arbaaz Khan discussed the film and his desire to write a script of a film. Excerpts...

Main Zarur Aunga

This is your first horror flick. In which avatar should the audience expect you- a ghost or the victim? 

I won't reveal much about the plot. But the film has too much twist and turns. It will keep the audience on the edge of their seat and people will love this genre. There is an audience who love such kind of horror films which has a thriller, suspense and shock as a package.

How was the experience to work in such a different genre which you have not touched in your entire acting career? 

It was a fantastic experience while doing the film. This is something new that I have tried my hands on. The audience will like the film. There is a lot of hard work which has been put together as a team.

Every artist on the set was professional and knew their job. This is what makes the film different and special for me.

Arbaaz Khan

The film has been shot in Switzerland. We have seen that not many movies are being shot there. Any purpose behind choosing such a location? 

Well, I don't know why the films are not being shot in Switzerland now but Yashji (Yash Johar) has filmed many films there and the locals there had so much knowledge about Indian films and were very helpful. We shot in Arosa, Switzerland at a Ski Resort during the winters.

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At that point in time, many tourists and skiing enthusiasts flock to that particular resort. But the only thing is that winter is very severe. We shot for 30 days in -9 to -6 degree Celsius. Very difficult to shoot in such conditions. But as I said, the professional environment gets the best out of you.

Aindrita Ray has made her debut in Hindi cinema. How was it to work with her? 

This is the first time I have worked with Annie. It's her first film in Hindi cinema. She is a hardworking actress and it was great working with her. She has delivered good work in the South Indian film industry and has gained success.

Music in the film has gained popularity on social media platforms. Do you think that will boost the film at the box office? 

Music is good and it gels with the story. More importantly, the locations were so beautiful that added more beauty to the songs altogether. The music is good and with such films, it always helps.

Arbaaz Khan

You have tried your hands in producing, acting and directing. Are we expecting Arbaaz Khan to write a film?

Yes, why not, even in my own production house I keep on giving inputs regarding certain scenes and dialogue deliveries. I did contribute for Dabangg series. I supervise the scripts and its execution.

I give my inputs and I do have the desire to write a script but I am not sure if I will be able to write the entire story single-handedly. I will require certain assistance at some point in time.

Sai Manjrekar

We were recently introduced to Sai Manjrekar as an actress in the Dabangg clan. Your take on it. 

We have got two new characters. A lot of fresh characters always bring a great output to the efforts put in by the team. Dabangg 1 and 2 has been very successful and has been appreciated from all corners of the country. The expectations of the audience have increased. We are trying our best to bring forward a film which will be entertaining and fun to watch.


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