Ajay Devgn Exclusive Interview: “I Am Not Somebody Who Is Into Method Acting”

Mohnish Singh |May 16, 2019

Last seen in multi-starrer comic-caper “Total Dhamaal”, Ajay Devgn is now awaiting the release of his next “De De Pyaar De”. Talking to STARBIZ about the movie, the superstar says, “De De Pyaar De” is a very clean comedy”.

Many actors have come and gone over the past thirty years, but nobody could ever dethrone superstar Ajay Devgn from his position. Despite being in the business for such a long time, he is still one of the most bankable stars in Bollywood with a massive fan following among all sections and age groups of audience.

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Last seen in madcap comedy Total Dhamaal (2019), the National Film Award-winning actor will shortly be seen in a rom-com titled De De Pyaar De.  Directed by editor-turned-filmmaker Akiv Ali and written and produced by Luv Ranjan, the movie also features seasoned actress Tabu and Rakul Preet Singh in significant roles.

As Ajay Devgn gears up for the release of De De Pyaar De, STARBIZ correspondent Mohnish Singh sits down with the megastar at a plush Mumbai hotel and speaks to him about his much-awaited film, how does it feel to play one’s age in movies and, of course, his forthcoming projects. Excerpts...

De De Pyaar De is the first film in your career where not only you are playing your age, but also announcing it proudly.

That’s not true. It’s not the first film where I am playing my age. I played my age in Drishyam (2016) too. I don’t mention it anywhere in the film though. But my character was somewhere around my age only. We cannot mention that always, right? You, as an audience, should understand it yourself. I play a father to two daughters in Drishyam. That makes it clear that he must be around 40-45.

Is it difficult for an actor to play his age?

It’s not at all difficult. The whole world knows what my age is. It’s not a secret. You can go to Wikipedia and find out. On our birthdays, you people write articles on us, telling everyone about our age. So, that barrier is not there anymore. Everyone knows what age I am playing in which film.

How do you define age?

Age is just a mindset. It’s just a number. That’s what my son also says. Age is just a number created by us humans. Some people may be in their thirties, but they feel like they are in their sixties and vice versa. People in their sixties are working and running around. So, age is just an attitude, nothing else.

How is your chemistry with Tabu always bang-on even after so many years? What’s the secret?

There is no secret. We have been friends for the past 30 years. We get along very well. We are very comfortable with each other. So, that might be the reason for our chemistry. I don’t know. Apart from that, she is a fabulous actor. She carries her role very well. I manage myself very well or whatever you call it (laughs).

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If some issue crops up between you and Kajol, how do you deal with it?

See, when two people live together, some issues are bound to crop up. But then you get over it within half-an-hour or 45 minutes, because you love each other. So, that’s a part of life. Two brothers keep fighting with each other in their childhood. Two animals keep fighting with each other despite knowing it well that they cannot live without each other.

On a sad note, I tell you something. I had two dogs: One male and one female. They would continuously fight with each other. The female dog died just a couple of days ago and the male dog did not eat anything for almost 10 days. So, this rapport will always be there.

Ajay Devgn Exclusive Interview

Having worked in films for close to three decades, is there any particular role that you still want to play?

We actors don’t think like that because we work equally hard to perfect each and every character that we play. The audience loves some characters and rejects others. That does not mean that we did not work hard on those characters which the audience rejects. Not every character always works. We have to accept that. But all your films remain close to your heart irrespective of their box-office outcome.

Don’t you think that the title of your film De De Pyaar De sounds a little ‘tapori’?

I felt the same, but Luv Ranjan was very confident about it. But I think the trailer has come out really well. De De Pyaar De is a very clean comedy.

You are presently shooting for Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, which is an intense film. At the same time, you are also promoting a light-hearted comedy like De De Pyaar De. How do you manage?

I am not somebody who is into method acting. If I am doing one role, that does not mean I cannot do anything else at the same time. Even between shots, I am not like that. I disconnect right after the shot.

How is Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior coming along?

I believe it’s coming along really well. Whatever I have seen so far is great.

After coming on board, do you recommend other actors to your director?

A lot of times. Even for this film, when they asked me, “Who do you think could play your wife?” I immediately said, “Tabu”. That’s not recommending somebody, I guess. That’s suggesting. After reading the script, I immediately called up Tabu and said to her, “I have heard an exciting story. You should also hear it once.” That keeps happening.

What do you like the most: Action or comedy?

Frankly speaking, a true actor never thinks of genres. When he gets into a character, that character becomes his favorite genre. I don’t think about which genre interests me more.

Ajay Devgn Exclusive Interview

What do you have to say about social media trolling of celebrities?

See, everybody has their own opinion. Everybody has something or the other to say. If we actors start reacting to each and everything, then when will we work? Social media is a place where people say things for the sake of it.

You must have seen how some people keep trolling actresses without any reason. We cannot take everything seriously. There is no use of it. I think people who troll must have a weird disposition. They cannot be normal people. So, let’s leave them alone.

Does De De Pyaar De give any social message?

There is definitely a social message. When you see the film, you will find that both the women characters are very, very strong. If you think that De De Pyaar De is just another comedy, let me tell you that it is beyond that. The kind of relationships that have been shown in the second half of the film will stun you. The mindset that Tabu’s character has in the movie is amazing. You will see a completely new twist in the film, something Luv Ranjan is known for.

Have you finalized any script for your next directorial venture?

Next year I am planning something. We are working on the subject of the film right now. I’ll be able to talk about it next year only.

Ajay Devgn Exclusive Interview

What are your upcoming projects for the year 2020?

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, which releases on 10th January 2020. After that, I am doing Boney Kapoor’s film on football. Then there is Bhuj: The Pride of India. So, these are three films which will come out next year.


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