Actor Rajpal Yadav Performs Comedy Act In Jail, Serving 3-month Prison Sentence

Jyotis |Dec 15, 2018

Known for comic roles, actor Rajpal Yadav spreads happiness with a stand-up act in Tihar Jail while his 3-month prison sentence.

The famous actor Rajpal Yadav was put in jail three months since December 1 because of not having repaid his loan of Rs 5 crore. Reportedly, the actor borrowed this sum of money to produce his movie.

Being sentenced turns out a great chance for Rajpal Yadav to experience a totally new stage, new audiences but not his regular stage.

Last Friday, the actor made his own debut with a comedy act in kavi sammelan, a special program for the inmates. Reportedly, he was sentenced at Tihar jail, one of the most overcrowded prisons in India.

Rajpal Yadav, now is 47 years old, who has acted in more than 200 Hindi movies, has been served three months prison sentence because of failing to repay Rs 5 crore that he had borrowed for his movie production.

According to a jail officer: “His act was a laugh riot. There were several poets on the stage but Yadav made sure everyone laughed. Everyone was awestruck to see a celebrity on stage.” He said that it's a long time since the prison had a popular face from Bollywood industry in jail.

“Tihar has had big politicians, cricketers, gangsters and terrorists but this is the first time in decades that the jail has had a popular actor as an inmate. He is keeping everyone in good humour. The inmates were excited to see a popular actor on the dais.”

An unnamed senior jail officer shared that Yadav is interested in telling stories to his fellow inmates. Also, the actor was preparing for his Christmas's performance. "The inmates have asked him to direct it. It will be released for Christmas. They told us that they have planned to start a drama club in jail 7," said the officer.

"Yadav’s conduct has been good. He has not made any demands or asked to be treated differently. He spends his time in the library. We treat him like any other prisoner", shared Joginder Singh Sehrawat, superintendent of jail number 7.


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