Bigg Boss 12 Day 5: Why we should not miss tonight's episode!

Author |Sep 21, 2018

Bigg Boss does not want to go easy with all the contestants in this season. That's why the drama continues to happen in the house.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 5 teaser: Bigg Boss's drama may not stop. Going through an emotional captaincy undertaking, all members will later get another stunner waiting ahead. Bigg Boss does not even have an idea of delication in season 12. Disciplines and cruel acts are all the things to be expected.
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The first two Jodis are Kriti together with Roshmi. However, there are some members dislike that idea. Those are Saba and Srishty because the two are in nowhere near satisfaction with their conduct. The Khan sisters were absolutely not cheerful in this situation. Furthermore, this is unquestionably going to drama and arguments later.

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Saba feel embarrassed after Kriti directs her to make a cup of tea with a sassy tone of voice.  Saba stands up bravely. However, Srishty begins weeping for being dealt with so gravely. Bigg Boss at that point adapts to unveil another surprise. Don't miss tonight episode for all those amusing things!


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