Long-Distance Relationship: 8 Potential Mistakes Lead To A Breakdown

Mishka Saisha |Sep 30, 2019

Here are eight potential mistakes that long-distance couples usually make. Let’s have a hard look at it since it inevitably brings you significant benefits.

It’s tough for us to build a healthy long-distance relationship. According to experts, couples have never expected that their usual mistakes might lead to conflicts and breakup. So if you are currently far apart, this post is for you.

Here are eight potential mistakes that couples usually make. Let’s have a hard look at it since it inevitably brings certain helpful benefits to you.

Doubting Your Relationship

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People can give their negative thoughts about your relationship, of course. However, don’t let their opinions affect your belief in your partner, especially you are far miles away from them.

Dr. Carissa Coulston, a relationship expert, advises that the long-distance couples should frequently share your feelings, and care for your lover, wherever they are. Such intimate actions can make you two feel as you’re always together.

Seeking Conflict Resolution At Night

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You can not avoid conflicts even you’re apart but remember not to seek the resolution at night, when both of you are exhausted after a busy day. Coulston states that you might rush into more anger since both of you can’t interact with each other literally.

Instead of trying to resolve the problem via phone in late-night, having a deep sleep first and talk to each other the next morning, advises Coulston. She explains it could help you refreshing your mind and having a better perspective on your issues.

Speaking With Other All The Time

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Even though it’s a good thing to talk with your partner whenever you have free time, it might create problems sometimes. According to Coulston, “space” is very critical in a healthy relationship physically and virtually. Furthermore, she also says you will more appreciate your chatting time if you both don’t always speak over time.

Not Actively Sending Your Love Signals

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Your lover is the only one who understands you the best. But sometimes they might miss your physical signals or less pay attention to your feelings. It’s entirely usual. Hence, you have to share your thoughts with them throughout the communication actively frequently.

Don’t hesitate to show off your wants, especially when you are not together. If you want them to spend more time talking with you, let’s say it!

Not Having Virtual Dates

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We obviously can not have a real date in a long-distance relationship to enhance intimacy. However, therapist and social worker Dr. Alisha Powell suggests that couples can try video chatting while doing the same activities such as cooking, or eating. It simulates that you and partner are having time together, which increases your emotional intimacy.

Less Caring To Your Personal Life

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We all try our best to have a healthy long-distance relationship but always remember that you have your own life, and so does your partner. Thus, you need to respect their life as well as yours. Each of you must spend time for yourself and take care of your lifetime. Powell says it’s vital since you both won’t end up resenting each other.

Not Enhancing Intimacy

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Communication is a vital component for your relationship, but in reality, it’s not enough. One of the big mistakes you might have is a lack of intimacy.

Although both of you are far away, video/phone sex can be a solution, according to relationship expert Adina Mahalli. Even though it doesn’t create physical interaction, you two can feel a robust virtual connection. And she suggests texting at the beginning to avoid awkward then you can work up to more intimate ways such as phone and video.

Merely Talking About “Important” Things

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We usually tend to share the big-picture issues or the very intense feelings with your partner when they’re away. Nevertheless, everything, even the seemly least significant parts of your day, can do wonders for your conversation.

Do you remember when you were together, your partner usually told about their day with exciting things alongside the ongoing project at work. So why don’t you keep saying these exciting and frustrating stories while you two lives miles away?


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