When Sushmita Sen Has To Take Steroids Every 8 Hours To Stay Alive During Her Traumatic Years

Mina Muzumdar |Jun 05, 2019

Sushmita Sen opens up about her struggling year in 2014 when she has to take steroid every 8 hours to stay alive.

Former beauty queen Sushmita Sen is always a source of inspiration for many young girls since she was crowned Miss Universe in 1994. She also contributes to feminism in India by defining social norms about women's right. On her social media, people can see a woman who lives her life to the fullest and feels the glow shine out of her.

Sushmita Sen, with her drop-dead gorgeous, however, has a struggling time in life just like everyone. And in the most recent interview, the former beauty queen just opened about her crisis time for the first time.

Sushmita Sen

The turning point in Sushmita Sen's life

Back to 2014, Sushmita Sen had just finished her shooting for Bengali film Nirbaak and started to feel extremely sick. After going through a careful check, she was diagnosed with an adrenal crisis which stopped her adrenal from making cortisol.


Since then, she was declared steroid-dependent for life and had to take steroid for every eight hours to survive.

Sushmita's most crisis time

That wasn't the end of the story when the next two years Sushmita Sen started to experience the side effects of the medicine such as high blood pressure, lower bone density, hair falling and weight gaining. Nevertheless, under the eye of the public, she is still Miss Universe and she was under the pressure to maintaining her perfect beautiful image all the time.

"I have hair that's falling and I'm looking at it every day. I have become moon-faced and I have steroid deposits. "

Her pillar of strength


The miracle to her life

Despite being advised by doctors, Sushmita Sen began practicing aerial yoga and learned to listen to her heart and mind. That's when the miracle happened to her life. A thoroughly test in Abu Dhabi hospital gave an unexpected result that the doctor has never seen in 35 years of practice: Sushmita Sen's body produced cortisol again!



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