This Is How Much Nick Jonas Paid To Have The Perfect Birthday Cake Made For Priyanka Chopra

Salena Harshini |Jul 29, 2019

PeeCee's birthday makers have recently revealed that it was Nick Jonas's idea for the perfect birthday cake for his wife. Read to find out more!

It is definitely without exaggeration to say that the birthday celebration for Priyanka Chopra was a highly-cost extravaganza. PeeCee surely enjoyed the big moment of her life as she turned 37, from relaxing amidst the spectacular beach to shining in a glittery red look.

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Hubby Nick Jonas seemed to go all the extra miles for his wife’s birthday with the intention to make it really special and memorable for her. For the uninitiated, the singer made a surprise for Priyanka with an appealing gold and red birthday cake. It was absolutely the party’s highlight.

Made with golden sprinkles and sophisticated details, the cake went perfectly well in vision with the sparkling red dress Priyanka wore to the celebration.

It would be impossible if it did not turn out well. The reason was clear that they were all in Nick’s plan. Miami-based Divine Delicacies Cakes are the creators of this cake and they have spilled the beans about how it was done.

Nick Jonas ordered the cake and it was also his idea to make the cake with a red and gold theme. The cake artist unveiled,

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The fancy birthday cake was made in a rush as the order was out at the eleventh hour. They spent a full day to bake and to decorate it, especially adorned it with gold touches in the end. Because making it was not at all a piece-of-cake work and it also looked extra appealing, the price obviously did not come out inexpensive.

The cake makers divulged that the 5-layered vanilla and chocolate cake cost more than 5,000 USD. This is approximately equal to an astonishing Rs 3,45,000.

Take a closer look at the fancy birthday present right below:

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